Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce elects Ch.Ganhuyag as new president 2019-10-21

It’s been five years since the Ulaanbaatar Chamber of Commerce (UBCC) was established in 2015 under the collective initiative of businesses operating in the capital. UBCC serves to support the city development, protect the rights and interests of entrepreneurs, advocate the involvement of business representatives in policymaking processes, and deliver their proposals to legislators. The UBCC board of directors supervises the activities of the chamber in two-year terms. J.Od, president of MCS Group, served as the first president, followed by J.Oyungerel, chairwoman of the board of directors of Petrovis LLC. At the latest board meeting, Mr. Ch.Ganhuyag, Chief Executive Officer of Ard Financial Group, expressed that he will pay attention to creating clean, safe and comfortable living and working conditions for the public.