Ard Financial Group invests in a deep-tech carbon reduction engine 2023-07-25


Ard Financial Group is delighted to announce its investment in Offsetted, a cutting-edge deep-tech carbon reduction engine, through its SPV based in Singapore. This venture reflects Ard Financial Group's steadfast commitment to adhering to international Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, which form the bedrock of socially conscious investment decisions by evaluating companies based on their environmental, social, and governance performance.

Offsetted’s platform offers a comprehensive solution for companies and institutions seeking to proactively monitor, reduce and transparently communicate their environmental footprint. With this partnership, Ard Financial Group and its subsidiaries can now efficiently assess and report carbon emissions across their diverse operations, empowering them to implement sustainable strategies to effectively curb their ecological impact. Through leveraging Offsetted's robust platform, Ard Financial Group can openly and credibly communicate its environmental impact, demonstrating responsible corporate citizenship and contributing to the advancement of a more sustainable global economy. 

By engaging with Offsetted, Ard Financial Group aims to unlock enhanced access to green financing opportunities, enabling the facilitation of environmentally friendly projects that will drive positive change and stimulate economic growth.

As Ard Financial Group embraces this transformative collaboration with Offsetted, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to driving change, promoting sustainable practices, and positively impacting communities and ecosystems worldwide.

Offsetted, founded in Germany in 2022, is a one-stop-shop decarbonisation platform. Offsetted sets organizations on the path to net zero with enterprise software allowing for measuring, monitoring, reducing, compensating, communicating, and reporting their emissions in compliance with the globally recognised frameworks for impact assessment. Visit for more information.

Ard Financial Group, founded in 2005, is a pioneering financial services holding company committed to maximizing shareholders’ equity and nurturing the mission of building the Investor Nation. With an extensive portfolio of 44 companies, of which 8 are publicly listed, in banking, insurance, capital markets, technology, infrastructure, blockchain and media sectors, the Group continues to shape the financial landscape while promoting sustainable growth and social progress. 

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