Guiding principles, Strengths

Guiding principles

  • Uphold the right of shareholders;
  • Formulate and uphold the highest standards of ethics. Meticulously comply with all laws and regulations;
  • Strive to maintain a healthy balance between risk and return;
  • Implement and adhere to the best practices of corporate governance and maintain transparency of operations at all levels of the organization;
  • Adopt an open and exile mindset, stay alert to changes in the market, and develop a capacity for rapid execution;
  • All companies in the Group lead in their respective markets and innovate continuously;
  • All companies in the Group will strive to maintain highest levels of customer service and satisfaction;
  • We will assemble the most powerful, professional and lean teams throughout the Group and entry level bar will be set high for job applicants. Requirements for the job holder will be stringent and individual accountability will be strictly enforced.


  • Financial services group with a unique market position;
  • Transparency of operations, good governance, and proven management;
  • Innovator in the financial sector;
  • Unique infrastructure in the nation;
  • Ready to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the market;
  • Well-known brand - Investor Nation;
  • Consistent delivery of high returns on investments.