Ganzorig Ch. appointed as Chairman of Ard Credit NBFI JSC 2022-06-20

Ard Credit NBFI JSC held its extraordinary meeting of the Board on June 20, 2022 with a 77.78 percent attendance. At the meeting, issues related to the amendment of the 2022 budget and the Corporate Governance Code were discussed. The Chairman of the Board, Ganhuyag Ch. submitted his request to be relieved of duty, which the Board took into consideration and honored with a unanimous vote. Mr. Ganhuyag since his appointment as the Chairman of the Board has successfully worked to strengthen the corporate governance of Ard Credit, took its business operations to the next level, increasing the number of customers to over 1 million and the number of shareholders to 13,702 in his 8 year tenure.

At the Board meeting Mr. Ganzorig Chuluun was named as Chairman of the Board with a unanimous vote. Mr. Ganzorig is one of the founders of Ard Credit, serving as its CEO from 2013 to 2019. During which, he helmed and successfully navigated projects that define the current business activities of Ard Credit NBFI JSC, such as the launch of Ard Application, the company’s IPO, and the introduction of Fast Cash online lending.He is a qualified leader with significant experience in banking, finance and crypto industries. We are confident that he will contribute positively in our future operations.