Gantulga Bulgan named as CEO of Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange 2022-10-03


2022-10-03, Gantulga Bulgan was appointed as the CEO of Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange JSC. Starting his career at XacBank, Gantulga has over 20 years of working in the private sector, during which he successfully managed companies that are among the TOP 100 enterprises in Mongolia.

Gantulga B. has extensive experience in the capital market, business development, project management, marketing, trade, public relations, human resources, and corporate governance. During his tenures as the CEO of Suu JSC and LendMN, he managed to increase the profitability of the companies two to threefold. In addition, as the CEO of Ard Pension Account LLC, he played a crucial role in starting the ball rolling on pension reforms in Mongolia. He also increased the company's total assets by ten times, the number of customers by 153 times, and customer pension savings by 19.

Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange JSC was founded on May 1, 2015, and is the first private stock exchange in Mongolia to receive a special license to "engage in securities trading and settlement activities" from the Financial Regulatory Commission. In 2021, it rebranded and made significant improvements to its platform. In 2022, it won the "Fastest Growing Stock Exchange" award from the Global Banking & Finance Review. Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange has a development board in addition to the main trading boards, and this board is unique in that it provides opportunities for small businesses to develop.

The primary responsibility of the infrastructure organization is to continuously provide capital market participants with fast, hassle-free, and reliable services that meet international standards. In addition, we are working to introduce products and services that will take development to the next stage.

In addition to trading common stocks, bonds, and investment fund units, the exchange can also trade derivative financial instruments such as securities lending, futures, and options. In addition, investors trading on the exchange will have extended trading hours and margin trading opportunities according to international standards.

The decision of the Board of Directors of Ulaanbaatar Securities Exchange JSC will be submitted to the FRC per the appropriate procedure, and registering the newly appointed CEO will be done in the coming days.

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