The HU, supported by Ard Financial Group, is set to perform in The HU in the Metaverse: Rumble of Thunder v1.1 on March 30, 2023. Technology and finance companies such as Ard, TenGerLeague Media Group, MOST Fintech, GrapeCity Mongolia, Diverse Solutions, idax, MetaForce, Ard Bit, Ard Art, and Mongolia DeFi are working together to hold the world's first full-scale interactive, virtual rock concert.

The HU in the Metaverse: Rumble of Thunder V1.1 is a collaborative project to showcase Mongolian culture and Hunnu Rock to a global audience. It is a virtual performance that blends interactive 3D gameplay with 2D storytelling. Players can dress up their avatars with traditional Mongolian armor and garments, interact with other players, and even play minigames, all while experiencing The HU's groundbreaking performance. In addition, The HU will take you through the deeper meaning behind their songs and Hunnu Rock.

Tickets for the concert, which are NFT assets, are available at and  

MetaForce is a technology company that created Ulaanbaatar in a metaverse environment with its Metaland project. It is a platform that allows users to get services in a virtual environment worldwide and to meet and communicate with other users using their avatars. The virtual concert will enable fans of The HU to come together from anywhere in the world and interact with other fans and band members.

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