Investor Nation Fund launches 2022-09-02


Mongolia's first open-ended mutual fund is launching on the stock market. Ard Management, which launched the first closed-end mutual fund, the National Privatization Fund, is behind this initiative. An open-ended fund is a professional investment organization that manages clients' funds, invests in high-yield products, and distributes returns to its investors. The advantages of the fund include risk diversification, protection of the interests of small investors, higher returns than the stock market, and opportunities to withdraw the investment from the fund at any time. Investor Nation aims to provide high returns to its investors as an open-ended mutual fund by creating a portfolio that includes shares of the best domestic and foreign companies, fixed-income securities, and other investment instruments.

By investing in Mongolia's first open-ended fund, you will have a professional and experienced team who will make the most optimal investment decisions on your behalf. Furthermore, you can buy more units or sell back your units at any time.

Investor Nation Fund received permission from the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia and strives to implement international norms and standards while pursuing its activities.

Please get in touch with us at the address below if you would like to receive more information about Investor Nation Fund.

Address: Central Tower 17th floor, Suhbaatar Square, Suhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: +(976) 7707 8282, +(976) 8989 2264