The Crypto Nation Fund closed with 110 percent return 2020-12-26

December 26, 2020, Ulaanbaatar - The annual Investor Nation Forum was held in 2017 under the name Crypto Nation. At the initiative of the forum participants, Ard Financial Group established Crypto Nation LLC (CNF) which provides investment and management of cryptocurrencies and included a total of 158 investors in preferred shares.

Bitcoin, which was booming at the time of CNF’s inception, had reached $19,000, but over the past three years, the cryptocurrency market has fluctuated so much that Bitcoin has twice fallen to USD 3,000. During this period, while private investors of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were losing money, Ard Financial Group's team, which provided professional management, received a total profit of 110.7 percent. CNF investors have received a total of 24.8 Bitcoins over the past three years.

CNF Pioneer and founder Ganhuyag Ch. addressed the investors: “Congratulations to all the shareholders who trusted us and had been with us for 3 years. I believe that blockchain will play a key role in transforming our lives, creating a more equitable distribution of wealth in society, and also creating the equality and fairness we all want to achieve. Personally, I am glad that Mongolia is boldly pursuing this new phenomenon and embracing this wonderful technology. Not to mention the private-sector’s role in spearheading this revolution, I'd also like to congratulate the Bank of Mongolia, the Ministry of Finance, the FRC, the ICTC and the MSE for being proactive and taking visionary steps in this initiative.” During the CNF shareholders' meeting, Bitcoin broke a record high of USD 25,000, setting the direction for our future. Crypto Nation fund is invested by Ard Financial Group (Ard Holdings or Group), which is a diversified financial services holding company with the aim of increasing its shareholders’ equity through investing in and developing leading financial services and technology companies. Ard Financial Group’s investment portfolio consists of companies such as Ard Insurance, Ard Credit, Ard Securities, Ard Life, Ard Assets, Ard Management, TenGer Systems, Mongol Post, and MEC Partners ( Ard App, Ard Digital Banking, ArdCoin and ArdCash are proprietary digital products based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Companies in our Ard Financial Group’s portfolio that are also listed on the MSE:

  • MSE: AARD (03260) Ard Financial Group (formerly Jinst Uvs/Investor Nation)
  • MSE: AIC (05480) Ard Insurance
  • MSE: ADB (05509) Ard Credit
  • MSE: MNP (05412) Mongol Post
  • MSE: XOC (4001) National Privatization Fund

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