To expand its operations and reach more investors, the Crypto Nation Fund decided to become a public joint-stock company in December of 2020. To achieve this, it did an RTO of Bulgan Undraga JSC. 

At its 2021 Annual General Meeting, Bulgan Undraga shareholders unanimously decided to change the company name. The request was submitted to and approved by the FRC, and the company will start to operate under the name Crypto Nation JSC. 

The main activity of Crypto Nation JSC is to increase its shareholders' equity by building an optimal crypto investment portfolio based on market research and analysis. Cryptocurrency investment funds (ETFs) or open joint-stock companies are scarce globally. The Crypto Nation Fund allows Mongolians to invest in cryptocurrencies and get professional asset management.

Ard Financial Group's annual Investor Nation Forum was held under Crypto Nation in 2017. At the initiative of the forum participants, Ard Financial Group established Crypto Nation to invest in and manage cryptocurrencies, bringing in a total of 158 investors and providing them with preferred shares.

When the Crypto Nation Fund was founded, Bitcoin jumped to $ 19,000, but in the three years since then, the cryptocurrency market has fluctuated wildly, with Bitcoin falling to USD3,000 twice. During this period, when private investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were losing money, Ard Financial Group's Crypto Nation Fund investors made a 110.7 percent return. They received a total of 24.8 Bitcoin as dividends in three years.