Ard Financial Group joins the Women’s World Banking Global Network 2021-05-03

On December 18, 2020, Ard Financial Group became an official member of the Women's World Banking Global Network. As part of this partnership, Ard will work as one of the primary sponsors of the Global Network's "Making Finance Work for Women," financial education for women event.   

Based in New York, Women’s World Banking designs and invests in the market-driven financial solutions, institutions, and policy environments in emerging markets to create greater economic stability and prosperity for women, their families, and their communities.

The nonprofit organization provides strategic support, technical assistance, and information to a global network of 56 independent microfinance institutions (MFIs) and banks that offer credit and other financial services to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world, with a particular focus on women. Its partners include The Australian Government, World Bank, Visa Foundation, SIDA, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Credit Suisse.

Ard Academy Financial Education Center under Ard Financial Group has been operating since 2016 with a mission to become a leading source of financial education and literacy, helping people manage their finance. Joining the Women’s World Banking Global Network will provide an opportunity to improve this process further, support the financial education of women and children, and develop and disseminate all types of financial services based on collaborative research.

Ard is a diversified financial services holding company with the overarching goal of increasing its shareholders’ equity through investing in and developing leading financial services and technology companies. Our investment portfolio consists of companies such as Ard Insurance, Ard Credit, Ard Securities, Ard Life, Ard Assets, Ard Management, Ard Bit, TenGer Systems, MEC Partners (, Mongol Post, Ard Holdings International, Ard Leasing, Ard Properties and Ard Realty. Ard App, Ard Fintech, ArdCoin, ArdCash, CryptoNation, Ard Digital Bazaar and Digital Assets Exchange are proprietary digital products based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Companies in Ard Financial Group’s portfolio that are also listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange:

  • MSE: AARD (03260) Ard Financial Group 
  • MSE: AIC (05480) Ard Insurance
  • MSE: ADB (05509) Ard Credit
  • MSE: MNP (05412) Mongol Post
  • MSE: XOC (4001) National Privatization Fund

For more details, contact:

Women’s World Banking

Tel: +1 212-768-8513

Ard Financial Group JSC

Tel: +976 77078080

Ard Academy Financial Education Center

Tel: +976 77078080